Schedule and Slides

Jan. 16 Introduction to C# pdf
Jan. 23 Events and Delegates & Gui Programing pdf
Jan. 30 Properties and Basic Generics pdf
Feb. 6 Learning with Perceptrons and User Controls pdf
Feb. 13 Object Oriented Programming in C# pdf
Feb. 20 Documentation and Functional Specification pdf
Feb. 27 The RSA Cryptosystem (ps 3 due) pdf
Mar. 5 Guest Lecture: David Siegel more
Mar. 12 Spring Break
Mar. 19 Subtyping and the Liskov Substitution Principle pdf
Mar. 26 Multi-threaded Programming pdf
Apr. 2 Live Graphics Demo zip
Apr. 9 Higher Order Programming and Linq (with demo notes) pdf
Apr. 16 .Net and Advanced C# Programming pdf
Apr. 23 In-class Demo Day