Schedule and Notes

DateEventNotes / Code
Jan. 14 Introduction to the C# Object Model slides
Jan. 21 More Objects, Generics & Basic Gui Programing. Guest Lecturer: Brian Aydemir slides
Jan. 28 Properties slides
Feb. 4 Events, Delegates and GUIs   "
Feb. 11 Perceptrons and User Controls slides
Feb. 18 Implementing Object Oriented Languages (A sketch) slides
Feb. 25 Implementing Object Oriented Languages, continued   "
Mar. 4 Reflection code
Mar. 11 Spring Break!
Mar. 18 Subtyping and the Liskov Substitution Principle slides
Mar. 25 Animation and Effects using Forms notes
Apr. 1 Language Interoperability on .NET (Peter-Michael)
Apr. 8 Multi-threaded Programing slides
Apr. 15 Higher Order Programming in C# with LINQ notes
Apr. 22 Demo Day!