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Jeff Vaughan…

… is a software engineer at Google, working primarily on gcloud.


Previously, I was a computer scientist at LogicBlox. I led the compiler team, building tools and evolving the LoqiQL programming language.

In the distant past, I was postdoctoral researcher at University of California, Los Angeles, working with Todd Millstein. And before UCLA, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard's Center for Research on Computation and Society, working with Steve Chong and Greg Morrisett.

I received my PhD in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania. My thesis advisor was Steve Zdancewic and I enjoyed working with the Penn PL Club.

Before Penn I studied computer science and applied physics at Cornell.

Recent drafts and tech reports

Enforcing language semantics using proof-carrying data. Stephen Chong, Eran Tromer, and Jeffrey A. Vaughan. Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2014. [eprint pdf]

Selected publications

Secure Information Flow for Concurrent Programs under Total Store Order. Jeffrey A. Vaughan and Todd Millstein. CSF, 2012. [pdf]
(Proofs: UCLA Technical Report 120007 [pdf])

Inference of Expressive Declassification Policies. Jeffrey A. Vaughan and Stephen Chong. IEEE Security and Privacy (Oakland), 2011. [pdf | bib | slides]

Self-Identifying Sensor Data. Stephen Chong, Christian Skalka, and Jeffrey A. Vaughan. IPSN, 2010. [pdf | bib | slides]
Journal Version JDIQ, 2015. [pdf | bib]

Aura: A Programming Language for Authorization and Audit. Limin Jia, Jeffrey A. Vaughan, Karl Mazurak, Jianzhou Zhao, Luke Zarko, Joseph Schorr, and Steve Zdancewic. ICFP, 2008. [pdf | bib | slides]
(Long version U. Pennsylvania Technical Report MS-CIS-08-10 [pdf])

Evidence-based Audit. Jeffrey A. Vaughan, Limin Jia, Karl Mazurak, and Steve Zdancewic. CSF, 2008. [pdf | bib | slides]
(Long version U. Pennsylvania Technical Report MS-CIS-08-09 [pdf])

A Cryptographic Decentralized Label Model. Jeffrey A. Vaughan and Steve Zdancewic. IEEE Security and Privacy (Oakland), 2007. [pdf | bib | slides]

All papers


CIS 399-005: C# Programming (Instructor, Spring '09 and Spring '08)

CIS 551: Computer and Network Security (Teaching Assistant, Spring '07)

CSE 121: Data Structures with Java (Teaching Assistant, Spring '06)

CSE 380: Operating Systems (Teaching Assistant, Fall '05)

CS 312: Data Structures and Functional Programming (At Cornell University; Consultant: Fall '02; Teaching Assistant: Spring '03, Fall '03, Spring '04)


I posted a (very) short page with infrequently asked questions about languages and logic.


I’m married to Jenn Wortman Vaughan.

Contact Information

Brooklyn, New York