Final Project

The final assignment in CIS399-005 is a large group project. Working in groups of 3-4 you will design and implement a C# program of your choice.

Important Dates:

Project Proposals

Email me a one page project proposal by March 21. This proposal must contain Nothing in the proposal will be considered set in stone. The proposals are intended to make sure projects are both interesting and feasible. However changes to the initial plan are natural and to be expected, so long as they do not radically alter the scope of the project.

Instructor Demos

During the week of the April 21 I will meet with groups for 20 minute project demo. During this time you will need to be prepared to show me what your program does, explain the design of your code, and discuss if and how your implementation differs from your proposal. All group members must be be able to demonstrate that they are familiar with the program's implementation and were involved in its development.

In-class Demos

During the final class period, April 23, you will give a 5-10 minute class presentation demonstrating your project. You should describe what your program does, and any ways in which the C# language helped or hinder your development efforts.


Grades will based on the following criteria: